Contact Us  E. Broussard is a Solo Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer. That works with a lot of Artists and Producers; E. Broussard is doing live and studio work, and Prepared to do live Performance of any Size with a live Band or a Hot Instrumental Track; E. Broussard has an original style;  Although known for his similarities of the R&B singer R. Kelly with his knowable accent, and particular pitch.  Also the R&B singer Smokey Robinson. E. Broussard is known for His smooth style especially when singing a slow song the vibrato appears, the similarities of Smokey Robinson. E. Broussard will bring his fans,and the Venue,to their feet with his high electrified performance,not to forget. For Booking Music Appointments and Scheduling Visit.                                                              



425 1st Street
San Francisco, CA

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