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Eric Broussard Singer-Songwriter R&B Artist, born in Houstin, Texas and raised in San Francisco, Ca.. Some of his known accomplishments was achieving Platinum and Gold Auddy Awards for his music. He re-recorded R. Kelly’s Hit single “Ima Flirt” giving it a fresh new spin on the original. 

E. Broussard has released a library of singles all carrying their own special sound and swagger. Songs such as:

“What It Dew”, is currently a Universal/Motown Digital Distribution release on iTunes and other digital storefronts. It’s an urban slang definition of “what’s happening DEW (moisture) to come and kick it with a playa Lil’ Mama, gonna kick this….”,. This song has smooth vocals, great harmonies and a great sensual rhythm to it. Great to listen to which puts the listener in a place of calm. It also won a platinum award.

“Big Game Dropping”, featuring Rappin’ 4-Tay, Describes the game that is being displayed in the club scene. This song has a very cool rhythm to it. It has a layed back feeling played out with electronic vocal plays and a great melody. All in all this song was arranged to perfection. This song carries a gold award.

“Swag Dance” is Described clearly by the title. This song begins with a deep undertone but quickly takes you into a cool R&B/hip hop rhythm that carries it through to the end. It is a great song to dance to.

Each one of these songs carry’s an energy, a message and a mood. They are radio friendly, have a trending sound, and memorable.

Eric was called to do a show honoring Grady Wilkins the Musical Director of the Grammy Mominated, R&B vocal dance group “The Whispers”, (http://www.thewhispers.com/two/grady/grady.html). In which Grady Wilkins is a feature on Eric's powerful love song “Eric Your Secret Admirer”, 

E. Broussard is currently working with PromoFM in Sherman Oaks, Ca. for licensing, a record deal, publishing and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at:


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